We provide a a full range of anti-drone solutions and integrated services to secure your airspace against unwanted drones.


A dedicated business unit of Tactics SOG Industries, Inc. engaged into supply and services of integrated systems addressing the growing threat of unwanted drones in the airspace, the first to provide such services in the Philippines.

We endeavor to be a step ahead of growing threat from different types of drones by providing reliable technological solutions to strengthen and defend your airspace.  

Rapidly increasing sales of commercially available drones post-technological threat both in a civilian and military context. And with the use of drones that have triggered security incidents in several critical facilities worldwide poses threats of rapidly increasing relevance.

In partnership with international defense suppliers, and a pool of subject matter experts, and our in-house system integrators, our collaboration provides a full range of anti-drone solutions and integrated services to secure your airspace against unwanted drones.


Provide the best possible protection against unwanted drones which threaten safety, security, and privacy.


We give emphasis on partnerships, innovative technology applications, and fostering the spirit of teamwork to accomplish our mission.


Our agnostic approach enables us to provide autonomous and interoperable systems of hardware and software to give you the best possible protection across different environments and mission sets.


Maintain your competitive edge and stay relevant without incurring so much cost.
Eliminate expensive capital expenditures (CAPEX) costs and transition into a more manageable and predictable operations expense (OPEX).
Key advantages:

  • No upfront investment in equipment
  • Stable and predictable financial forecast
  • No equipment to maintain and repair
  • You’re only paying for utilization
  • Your equipment is always 100% operational


Drones pose a major safety risk to airport operations.    

Unknown drones can cause delays and even closing of airports for days and incurred cost in millions and chaotic conditions in passenger processing.  Avoid costly downtime by having a system that is tried and tested worldwide and in-use in international airports.

Our threat prevention system helps to locate perpetrators within the shortest period possible and to display the flight route and altitude. This results to minimum risk of flight interruptions that can be caused by unwanted drones.

We offer a complete system that is already proven and in-use in some of the busiest airports.

  • Automatic early detection and neutralization

  • High-resolution 3D flight plots in real time

  • Permits 24/7 monitoring and recording

  • Pinpoints UAV’s and the operator’s location

  • Works at night and in bad weather

  • Up to 50 km tracking range regardless of weather condition.

  • Modular construction that is scalable for each category for the airport.


Recent drone attacks at unprotected critical infrastructure in different parts of the world has resulted to fatal consequences that affects public safety up to national security.

Oil & gas refineries, depot, chemical plants, powerplants, power distribution and sub stations, and other critical facilites remains to be unprotected up to this time. And a single drone attack can cause total failure and result to unmissable consequences.

Our system can monitor even extremely large areas with a high level of accuracy and without HF (High Frequency) emissions which could interfere with the security forces communications and other procedures. 

We offer scalable protection for industrial areas regardless of size. 
  • Capability to monitor extremely large areas with high level of accuracy

  • No HF (High Frequency) emission that could interfere with communication systems and other procedures

  • Permits 24/7 monitoring and recording

  • Networkable, several facilities can be monitored from one place (e.g. Central Command Center)

  • Works at night and in bad weather

  • High level reliability

  • Multiple types of solutions depending on site requirements


Military facilities, operational campaigns or pocket movements can be at risk of being compromised with the use of simple and commercially available drones that are being used by the enemies.

Whether in urban or jungle operations, the confidentiality of military movement is of great importance, not to mention the capability of some drones to carry Improvised Explosive Device (IED), and a compromised movement of the military troop can have a devastating effect.

Our system of mobile or man-potable device is suitable for almost all types of environment, and it is robust and extremely reliable.

We can readily deploy our fully equipped teams in extreme locations nationwide in short notice that can work with your operational teams.

  • Suitable for all locations (jungle, urban, desert, ice, etc.)

  • Robust and extremely reliable

  • Proven with various military forces worldwide

  • Easy operation

  • Command & Sub-Command options

  • Mobile and integrated (Man-portable Anti-Drone and monitoring system)

  • Also suitable for general radio monitoring


Unwanted drones can massively hamper police operations and obstruct protection.


Police protection in mass gatherings requires a mobile, quickly operational and 100% reliable system for drone defense.


We can deliver quickly and ready for use, our system alone can fulfill police anti-drone requirements such as multi-target detection and a range in the urban environment.


We can readily deploy our fully equipped teams nationwide in short notice that can work with your operational teams or offer a cost-effective portable version which can also be used for general radio-monitoring or for preservation of evidence.

  • Rental, we take care of everything you need for unwanted drone protection

  • Does not interfere with radio communication traffic and other processes

  • Fast deployment capability

  • Pinpoints UAV’s and the operator’s location

  • Perfect for the preservation of evidence

  • Suitable for jamming detection

  • Capability to monitor complex and high profile international events


Conventional drones are at times being misused to spy on citizens, properties and celebrities to get exclusive pictures and video footage. 

Personal protection and protecting our principal’s privacy are of utmost importance, being shielded from the paparazzi is part of everyday life for people in the public eye.

We offer both mobile and fixed-site systems to protect your privacy.

  • Protection of privacy, anti-paparazzi

  • Remote monitoring

  • Works flawlessly in exclusive resorts, high-end hotels, and residences

  • Optical tracking


Drone attacks can cause panic in concerts, political campaign rallies, exhibits, festival, and conferences. 

A nightmare security scenario for each event organizer is a targeted drone attack in the event grounds. Our system can be discrete to point of being unnoticeable to the visitors, and it does not cause any disruption to radio communication traffic and other stage equipment.

We offer rental service of individual system to tailor-made solutions for reliable drone defense for your event with or without our team of operators. Our system has an independent power supply that can be used with flexibility in both urban and rural areas.

  • Rental, we take care of everything you need for unwanted drone protection

  • Does not interfere with radio communication traffic, stage equipment, and other processes

  • Can be made discrete and unnoticeable

  • Pinpoints UAV’s and the operator’s location

  • Can be deployed flexibly in urban and rural areas

  • Up to 50 km tracking range regardless of weather condition.

  • Independent energy supply


Disrupting  radio  frequency 
communications  can  be  illegal. 
Therefore,  the  use  of  disruptors  is  generally  limited 
to  police,  law  enforcement  and  other  military  authorities.