Tactics SOG conducts its business professionally, with integrity, and in compliance with the laws of those jurisdictions in which it operates.

Our reputation for acting fairly is built on our values as a company and the values of our employees. As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we will not tolerate acts of bribery or corruption. 

This policy applies to all Tactics SOG employees (whether permanent or temporary), contractors, officers, and directors of Tactics SOG, its subsidiaries, and joint venture companies under Tactics SOG control.  Third parties acting on behalf of or in the name of Tactics SOG, including agents, representatives, and other intermediaries, are required to act consistently with Tactics SOG's Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy. Joint venture companies not under Tactics SOG's control, and our joint venture partners, are encouraged to adopt similar policies and procedures to prevent bribery.

Download our Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy Statement